This is a story of two identical brothers, one a god of the sky, the other of the earth. They share a common passion, the soulful nectar extracted from a mythical bean found only in one place in the universe. Although born from the gods, one of their hearts was not pure…
We wish this was our story, mythical, strange, compelling and startlingly beautiful in its ending, but this is a fairytale for other coffee brands…
Evil Twin was born much simpler. A group of guys, the borough of Brooklyn, the naughtier of a set of twins, and a desire to pedal authentic, honest coffee grinds that embrace a time that we have since forgotten.
A time when a smooth cup of coffee began our day, bringing us together to regale our stories, offering nothing more than comfort.

Evil Twin Organic Espresso

No bullshit... or monkey shit for that matter.

Just 100% certified organic Arabica beans, roasted the right way by our master roaster. Grown in the rich fertile soils of Honduras, Evil Twin beans are sourced from a single estate, where they are shade-grown, free from any of the pesticides, chemically-drenched fertilizers or crap that might find its way into your cup.

Evil Twin Organic Decaf

100% organic and a SWP (Swiss Water Processed) decaffeinated coffee. All good. No shit.

The beans offer up a complex aroma, medium body, solid finish and a great balance of bitterness and acidity, and we pack them in multi-layer bags with one-way air release valves. This means they ship with the ultimate fresh flavour locked in for you to enjoy.